1. 5 Bralette Looks To Spice Up Your Valentine’s Eve!

    ‘’ love is in the air


    Valentine's Day is right around the corner.’’

    ‘Tis the season to look sexy and you deserve the best look for your ‘’Romantic Gateway’’ Whether it’s a candle light dinner, a date in a disc or you are just lounging around with your man, some kink should be there. Lingerie is the ultimate symbol of lush. Think beyond the bras and baby dolls this year when you are surfing through the top lingerie shopping sites. One of the sassiest lingerie essentials people are going gaga over is bralette.

    Ditch Your Bra For A Bralette

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    It’s high time to change your innerwear game. Bralette is the perfect combination of bra and crop top. While it is quite a comfy option for the summer, pulling it off in the winter can be a challenging gig. Are you more into edgy fashion trends? Get ready to make your partner’s eyes pop with these 5 bralette looks.

    1. Lady In Red:

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    So what if Valentine’s Night happens to be in a cold month of February? Going ethnic can never be wrong when you are trying to spice up your night with your partner. Lean into the vibes of Valentine in a red lacy bralette, paired up with an off-white satin saree. Wondering why to go for a white saree? Let your risky affair of a red bralette win the game of love!

    2. Addicted To Black:

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    If you are more into playing with the sass of black, nothing screams fashion more than layering up a black bralette with a long line trench coat. This casual yet classy look works great for outing and even parties. Shopping this style from any online bra shop is never a hassle.

    3. White Is Wild:

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    Want to go for a subtle yet sexy look on this Valentine’s Day? Try out a white lace bralette and pair it up with saree or lehenga bottom, flared long skirt or even denims. However, you can be adventurous with your own taste of mix and match.

    4. Comfort Comes First

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    Nothing screams comfort more than a casual denim shorts paired up with a sexy bralette. Do you want to keep it chic yet casual? Pick up a deep shade of bralette and balance it out with a subtle shade of denim shorts. It works perfectly well for your coffee date.

    5. Kill The ‘Underneath’ Look

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    February is the month when you can go a little bold without worrying about the chills outside. Wear a lace bralette underneath a sheer sweater which is a very interesting and appealing combination for an afternoon date. To conclude, keep these above-mentioned styles in mind while looking for ladies inner wear online.

  2. Intimacy Woes? 3 Ways you can Rekindle your Relationship

    Years have passed since the day when you first met and you no longer feel your spine tingle when you gaze into each other’s eyes. Work, career, responsibilities, children, and society have taken the front seat in terms of priorities and your love seems dwindling.


    Add to the mix our innate urge to be dependent on Smartphones and to spend our leisure time on social media, and all the freshness in the romantic relationship just flies out of the window.


    So is there no hope to revive the love and fondness you started your relationship with? Before you feel a streak of despair, let us tell you that there are ways that you can reconnect with your partner provided you’re ready to put in some extra effort and treat your relationship as your number one priority. A good start can be having a heartfelt conversation with your spouse today instead of binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix. When you have doubts, just picture your dating period and remember those complimenting words, caring gestures and the longing to meet each other! You’d feel a renewed energy to bring back those good times!


    While a better understanding of each other and the situations, addressing conflicts before they become bigger helps sustain the relationship through turmoil and discords, there are some fun and exciting yet practical ways to rekindle the old flame. Wondering what these methods could be?  Getting out of those baggy pajamas and styling yourself in some titillating lingerie could be one effective way! Don’t you think so? Confused about what to choose? Some online lingerie boutiques like Rozerra offer a spectacular range -- from scintillating babydolls to attractive loungewear, each such intimate apparel would make you confident in your own skin - the first step to stoking the fire in a relationship.


    Let’s explore these methods and soon you will be able to revive the romance and passion between you two:


    1.        Traveling Together

    Have you always wanted to go to an exotic locale but never got the time or the right opportunity to pack your bags and leave? Well, if not now, then when? There is no dearth of romantic destinations around the world where you can go for a nice boat ride along canals, take a stroll on the quaint, cobbled streets, stay in some private & intimate boutique hotels or luxury resorts, watch seductive sunsets across the seas or just have fun trying new dishes and delicacies or a simple ice-cream. Imagine walking along the pristine white-sand beaches in Maldives; watching the sunset across the soothing blue Aegean Sea right from the comforts of your hotel balcony in Santorini, Greece; taking a glimpse of the numerous artistic Frescos in Florence, cozying up looking at some of the art and sipping coffee in the sidewalk cafes in the ultimate romantic destination, Paris or even taking a dip in the waterfalls of Hawaii; enjoying the lush greens and picturesque views of snow-capped peaks in Switzerland and taking a trip back to your hotel along frozen lakes in a horse-drawn carriage (Perfect place to cuddle up, don’t you think?).  So what are you waiting for? Plan a romantic getaway and gear up to reignite the romance.


    2.        Movie Nights, Date Nights and Fun Activities for Two

    When you revisit those days of your dating/courtship, you remember the stolen glances, the blushing, the passionate kisses, and the pleasant daydreaming about the time when you will be with each other -- when moments spent in the other’s absence would seem like an eternity. Now it all feels like a dream or a bygone era! In the initial days, you’d have easily watched a movie that you don’t like just for the sake of your beau. Much time has passed since then and you cannot seem to fathom the idea of doing something together as a couple. Well, there’s the start! If you want to go past the frustration and resentment that has started to simmer between you two, it’s time you start doing fun and adventurous activities together. There are several adventurous activities that you can participate in as a couple – from scuba diving classes, hiking to camping in the mountains, skydiving and more, this could be your chance to find your lost love amid adventure.


    Alternatively, plan a movie marathon at home for an entire day or go out for a movie you both would like. The movie time can be arranged as part of a date or you may separately plan one so that you can spend some alone time together as a couple. Dress up for the occasion with an elegant outfit just like you’d have on your first date together and don’t miss out on sensual intimate apparel. Online lingerie stores such as Rozerra can help you take your best pick. This takes us to our next point - making an attempt to revive the passion and sexual intimacy with figure-flattering and delightful lingerie items.


    3.        Dressing Down in a Sultry and Attractive Nightwear

    If there are stages to rekindling a relationship, this would be the final stage depending on what is amiss between couples. At times, when emotional kindling is the need of the hour, traveling and couple activities can really reinstate the bloom in the rose, following which, dressing in seductive lingerie can seal the deal.


    If you’re in a fix as to what type of lingerie will help you look and feel your best beautiful while triggering a naughty night ahead at the same time, check out online lingerie stores with a wide variety of trendy, sensuous and nuanced intimate wears, the likes of From multiple bra categories – plunge bras, push-up bras, bodysuits, laced bras, sporty bras, bralettes, padded bras to panty variants like G-strings, seamless and bikini among others, we and are well-equipped to provide you with a diverse range of lingerie, lingerie sets, luxurious nightgowns, plus-size lingerie, swimwear, shapewear and much more. For couples, we also offer a Love Aasan or a chaise lounge which is ideal for love-making. The best part is that you can have access to these and more choices all in the comfort of your own home where you can browse freely and choose wisely.


    Life can get exhausting with the autopilot lives we live – the mundane routines and the unwavering dependence on technology can bear too harsh on us. We might start viewing the TV or the computer as mediums to vent out our frustration and forget that we have each other for company, solace, and affection. This is the time for bringing some fun, adventure and foreplay into your lives to spice up your love life and strengthen your relationship with your partner.


    Start off with weekend excursions, playing board games, writing love notes, trying a new spot for going on date nights, dancing spontaneously at home or simply putting up a tent in your backyard for some star-gazing and let the fun, frolic and spirit of adventure spill into your bedroom at the end of it all. Bring back the rosy shades of life especially as life’s responsibilities bear heavily on you. Shake things up romantically with your beloved! Fall in love all over again!





  3. Must-Have Lingerie Styles - This Festive Season!

    A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without the right kind of intimate apparel that is comfy, bold and interesting. Sometimes, even if we own several of them, we tend to wear only a few that look good on us, offer proper back support and fit as well. But what works for everyday wear hardly ever matches up to our party wear choices.


    Parties and festive occasions especially call for perfect fits and body-flattering intimates that remain concealed yet make our body look shapely and attractive – even if we choose to wear party gowns with plunging necklines, backless dresses or sheer outfits. If you too are in a fix and wondering what all types of lingerie you must own, you might want to look into the different options online lingerie boutiques such as Rozerra offer. For every dress, top and fancy shirt, there are intimates that complement these well. From luscious reds, hot pinks, sheer nudes to lacy necklines and shimmer aplenty, there’s a lot to experiment with especially as the party season is upon us. Let’s check out the top-picks for every festive lingerie wardrobe:


    Gorgeous Babydolls

    While party dresses are on everyone’s list, what about that which goes underneath? Some fun and fabulous sheer babydoll collection with thong, lacy babydoll sets in bright peach and mauve will add the necessary sensuality to your wardrobe if you don’t have some already. Even a simple black lacy babydoll like this one from Rozerra will do the trick whether it is boosting your confidence or having your beau swoon over you. 


    Luxurious Nightgowns

    Nothing spells sexy and classy like the Nightgown. A satin nightgown is ideal for wearing with sheer and tulle outfits and keeps you comfortable all night. Available in different cuts and colors, nightgowns are the perfect lingerie item to set the festive mood. They accentuate your body shape, making those curves look oh-so-sexier. While some of them come with thigh-high slits, others have plunging necklines and garter belts showing just the right amount of cleavage. You can also opt for luxurious nylon and spandex full sleeve nightgowns that come with a G-string and prep for the naughty night ahead. We can’t emphasize enough on how G-strings or thongs are essential for your lingerie wardrobe so you don’t run the risk of visible panty lines. When accompanied with the nightgown, you achieve a complete look that is fun, sensual and classy – all at the same time.


    Stunning Shapewear

    Gone are the days when you’d have to choose between eating heartily and wearing party dresses. Body-hugging shapewear in different varieties – tummy tuckers, saree shapewear and underskirts available at lingerie sites like Rozerra conceal the after-meal bloating as it sits on the midsection and the thighs perfectly so that you always look in shape. Now there’s nothing stopping you from gorge on those delicious snacks in parties! After all, what is merry-making without some scrumptious feasting?


    Trendy Bralettes

    When the t-shirt bra met a high-end lacy bra, the bralette was born.


    One of the top lingerie trends, bralettes line the bust area beautifully while their peek-a-boo features leave just enough for the imagination. Lightweight, stretchable and easy to carry, these soft intimates, bralettes are non-padded but come in both underwired and non-wired variants. Bralettes offer the ultimate support and unique designs so you can party hard without the discomfort of tight elasticity. They add the edge to your outfit, whether it is a tank top, a low-cut dress or a sheer garment.


    Beautiful Balconettes

    With a balcony-inspired neckline, this is surely one of the sexiest bosom buddies you can have. Along with firm support, they also offer a fuller appearance for the bust. Options like wired and wirefree add more variety. These are perfect for low neckline dresses as they shape up the upper silhouette of your body so you can make the most of those cleavage-revealing tops and dresses with plunging necklines that highlight your décolletage.


    Seamless Bodysuits

    Ultimate comfort and exquisite styling define bodysuits that enhance your curves while also giving you the feel of softness against your skin. Choose from nude, white and black colors depending on your #OOTD.


    Irresistible Teddy Lingerie Sets

    While you can obviously go for a lacy bra and panty sets, the teddy lingerie sets are undeniably inviting. With low back options and cleavage-hinting necklines, these are perfect to be worn underneath halter dresses, deep neck gowns, thigh-high slit dresses or just for a romantic night with your beau if you plan to celebrate by staying in.


    Experimental Multiway

    The party season calls for a little new and unconventional styling, what with low-back dresses and halter tops. It is in these times that we need our intimate apparels to be unconventional as well. Multiway bras come with convertible straps so now the risk of your bra strap peeking out from your dress doesn’t even exist.


    Sultry Push-ups & Plunges

    Again apt for revealing necklines, push-ups are essential for your lingerie drawers. They accentuate your cleavage even as they are nestled firmly for support. Colour variants such as deep blues, fancy pinks, funky prints, and metallic hues add to the fun.

    Plunges complete your festive wardrobe with the right amount of fashion and function. Wear deep V-neck dresses without worrying about what’s underneath, as you don a U-plunge bra with complete coverage.


    Get started with your lingerie shopping and set the right mood for the upcoming year. At Rozerra, our comprehensive range of intimate apparels cater to all your party needs and offers the best deals on lingerie sets, nightgowns and more. What more? Our year-end sale is officially up and running. It’s time to make getting dressed way more fun as we welcome the New Year with open arms!  


  4. Holiday Gifts Your Partner

    Holiday Gifts Your Partner will Absolutely Love

    The holiday season is officially upon us which implies that this is the perfect time for gifting your partner. Gifts not only represent a kind and warm-hearted gesture, but they also make the receiver have a warm fuzzy feeling and feel cared for. In a relationship, gifts become the catalysts in cementing the connection a couple feels with each other. So prep up to surprise your significant other with some spontaneous gifting that is sure to bring a smile on their faces and enliven your love life!

    Wonder what possibly you could gift as a token of affection and appreciation when you are really stressed about presenting him/her the right gift? Well, have you considered gifting intimate apparel? If you’re hesitant about visiting a lingerie store for gifting purposes, why not try online lingerie boutiques such as that helps you define your personal style with a wide gamut of lingerie styles, shapes & sizes - well-fitted for both men and women?

    If you need a head start before the holiday season begins, here are some gifting items that can revitalize your connection as a couple and strengthen your bond:

    A Relaxing Spa Experience

    Sometimes pampering is the best solution to all life’s trials and tribulations. It reminds you that you are important, and it is okay to take time out for yourselves to relax and rejuvenate. When you gift your partner a ‘day at a spa’, they can actually let their hair down, be their uninhibited selves and enjoy the refreshing day-out without the stresses of the mundane life. And, the best part – with every spa service they would be reminded of your thoughtful gesture and feel your love and care for them. You can thank us later!

    Innovative Technology

    Has your partner been waiting to get their hands on an uber-cool gadget for some time now? Have they set their eyes on a virtual reality device or a well-equipped drone? Well, this holiday season could be your chance to help them have the tech they have been yearning for! Whenever they use it, they will invariably think of you and remember this gesture, and the moment you gifted them this amazing gift. What could be better?

    A Memorable Evening

    Christmas is a great time when there are events, concerts and parties hosted all around. Find out if your partner’s favourite band/ musician is touring your town during the holidays or their most loved comedian is having their show near your area and buy tickets for a grand and exciting evening together.  If there’s a sporting event and your partner loves sports, there could not be a better gift this season than to watch a match together that they can really enjoy and you can be happy to have gifted them something fabulous!

    Replenishing their Needs

    When you really care, it’s imperative that it will show in your art of gifting. Thoughtful gifting needs you to be attentive of your partner’s needs and either replenishing their needs with something they are in urgent need of, or replacing something that has become old and worn out is a wonderful way to show you care. This will help them understand how much you value the relationship.

    A Set of Luxurious and Sultry Intimate Wear

    Gifting lingerie to your special someone can be both exciting and a bit intimidating. With so many different styles, shapes and sizes, gifting lingerie can be a novelle experience both for the sender and the receiver. From Babydoll collection to camisoles, the names and types of lingeries are varied and versatile. Choosing one seems difficult, right?

    At Rozerra, our wide range of seductive, comfortable and uber-luxurious bras, lounge sets,  gorgeous nightgowns and more from different renowned lingerie brands cater to the needs of your partner, whether they would want something that feels like a second skin or a little sultry and inviting for a holiday night together. Whatever type of lingerie item you select, it must fit your partner’s personal style and something you know that they would like and enjoy. Luckily, all Rozerra lingerie sets come with the promise of comfort and style so there’s no compromise between the two essential elements in an intimate apparel.

    What you buy for the holiday season should be an elevated version of what your partner already likes to wear - just think a little more jazz and glam when you choose the item - go for lacy and bold babydoll or silk lounge set, and racy nightgowns with exquisite details, keeping in mind what you would like to see your partner in and what you feel they would like to slip into.

    But before you make the purchase, make sure you know their right size and are not left guessing at the store, online or offline. If, however, you’re not sure on the sizing, you can always gift them a loungewear or nightgowns that comes in different shapes and sizes at Rozerra’s online lingerie store. With flat 15% off and upto 60% off, it’s time you make the most of our early Christmas sale.

    So, what are you waiting for? Splurge in some opulent indulgence with exclusive gifts and remind your partner how precious they are for you! Make the gifting moment special with either something emotional like a walk down the memory lane to discover how far you’ve come together, a personal message you’ve written for them or by taking them to a special place first like the new restaurant you both wanted to try. Think surprise, think fun, think erotic!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance! Let this holiday season be worth remembering for you and your significant other!